Small Grant Scheme of up-to £500 Launched

The Highland Cycle Campaign is launching a small grant scheme ,of up-to £500.

Applications are welcome from anyone in Highland region who wants to meet the campaigning aims of the HCC.

What are the Campaign aims?

“The Highland Cycle Campaign wants to see a thriving and sustainable region of healthy, happy people where everyone feels able to enjoy the benefits of cycling and make the journeys they choose to by bike.   We will campaign in the Highlands for cycling infrastructure that is safe, inclusive, connected and pleasant”

What can the Money be used for?

The money can be used for a wide variety of things, from better bike signage to making a film, from work on cycle paths, to a road speed survey. We’ve deliberately kept the criteria open to support fellow cycle campaigners in what they want to achieve; we will consider anything that makes Highland cycling safer, more inclusive, better connected and more pleasant.

Who can apply?

Anyone in the Highlands, all we ask is that you are a member, or associate member, of the Highland Cycle Campaign (Join Here).

Apply for a small grant>

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