Cyclists urged to join A82 Polite Protest Pedal

The A82 slices through the heart of Inverness. It’s a terrifying road to ride a bike on. Bear and Transport Scotland are about to carry out some safety improvements – but the planned improvements utterly fail to provide the safe active travel path infrastructure needed by active travellers in Inverness.

Highland Cycle Campaign, Cycling Without Age Inverness, NHS Health Professionals and many other organisations have all complained about the inadequacy of the plans – all to little avail. We are faced with more of the same old priority for lorries over active travellers.

Come and join us on a polite protest ride aimed at highlighting the weaknesses of the current paths, and the shortcomings of proposed changes.

Meet us at B&Q car park in Inverness at 12.45pm, ready to ride at 1pm. We’ll have a mixture of bikes, trikes and adapted bikes. We’ll be riding on both shared use paths and on the main carriageway.

Here’s the route:

Here’s a tiny video showing the route and its current weaknesses: