Inclusive | Removing Barriers to Cycling


The purpose of this campaign is to make cycle ways accessible to all, regardless of the size
of bicycle or the ability of the cyclist.

There are many barriers on cycle ways that are unsuitable for larger cycles (e.g. cargo bikes,
bikes with trailers, trikes, etc.). The current regulations require a gap of 1.5 metres minimum and many existing barriers are less than this. Highland Cycle Campaign (HCC) hopes to get all barriers that impede larger bicycles altered (as appropriate for safety) so that all cyclists can access all cycle paths in the Highland region.

Problem Barriers

As a start, we have identified two locations in Inverness where unsuitable barriers are a
serious impediment to larger cycles. These are:
– Godsman’s Brae, Inverness
– Innes Street to Rose Street underpass, Inverness

Both of these are on important routes and cause larger cycles to make lengthy (and possibly dangerous) detours.

Members can help by identifying problem barriers and reporting them to us – send us a location, and description and even better a picture! Help us locate problem barriers across the Highlands!

What Highland Cycle Campaign plan to do

At HCC we have identified the following actions to initiate this campaign:
 Create a video showing difficulties of navigating tight barriers.
 Present at local Community Councils and request their support.
 Engage with Kidical Mass attendees and request their support.
 Contact Highland Council to discuss getting barriers removed or amended.

How to Get Involved

Members can help by identifying problem barriers and reporting them to us.

You can also help by letting your Community Council, local Councillor and Highland Council know that you support the upgrading of unsuitable barriers.