Our campaigns

Here we will give info on our ongoing campaigns. Please refer to our blog, press releases and social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

Support for wider measures for safe walking, rolling and cycling in Inverness – CovidĀ  response

The Highland Council have made proposals to respond to the need for social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their Spaces for People proposals are a good start but we feel they could go further. You can consult the proposals and comment by clicking here. Join us to campaign for a more ambitious vision to get Inverness moving out of cars. Click here to sign the petition.

A82 active travel corridor

We are actively campaigning for an improvement to proposals from Bear Scotland to create an active travel route from the Longman roundabout near the Kessock Bridge to Tomnahurich Bridge. Initial proposals were very poor and we have gained political support for a rethink which could transform this vital through-route across Inverness.

Safe streets around schools

We want to live in a city where our children can get to and from school safely and without fear of over-domination by motor traffic. We will work with schools on a case-by-case basis with involvement from local parents to help change this culture. If you want to run an event or improve the streets around your school, please get in touch!

Accessing Inverness

We support plans to improve Academy Street and the area around the railway station in Inverness to make it safer and more attractive for cyclists and pedestrians, while recognising that there are some issues to be resolved during future design stages.

Maritime Heritage Trail

Highland Cycle Campaign is fully supportive of plans to
transform Shore Street, Cromwell Road and Longman Drive to make a more cycle
and pedestrian friendly route.

Kessock Bridge cycle path

We are looking at potential improvements to the area around the Kessock Bridge with a medium to long-term approach. Signing of diversion routes on the National Cycle Network route is a regular problem, as is regular maintenance of the approach path. We have already had an information/map panel installed with help from Sustrans ArtRoots fund and had discussions regarding improvements to the landscaping and approach once the Longman roundabout is redeveloped.