Highland Cycle Campaign is a voluntary organisation which calls for better provision for cyclists in the Highlands of Scotland.

The Highland Cycle Campaign is a member-led voluntary organisation which campaigns for better infrastructure, policy and political support for cycling to become a safe, healthy and attractive mode of transport for people of all ages and abilities in Inverness and the Highlands.

We want to see the fast-developing city of Inverness become a place where the natural choice for short journeys includes cycling as part of a wider commitment to active travel, as well as policies that allow cycling to become a realistic choice for people in rural areas. We also want to see more high-quality long-distance and touring routes developed for the benefit of local people and visitors to the area.

Membership is by voluntary donation to the organisation. Our funding comes entirely from our members, though we also apply for funding to various agencies for specific projects.

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We are run by a committee with a quorum of four. Our office bearers include a convenor, secretary and treasurer, as well as a number of fluctuating campaigning roles as and when appropriate. Committee meetings are held regularly throughout the year and our AGM takes place each year in spring.

You can read our full constitution here.


  • We will be a positive voice for change and a trusted, credible organisation.
  • We will campaign for an inclusive cycling network that is suitable for users of all ages and abilities.
  • We will engage with decision makers to prioritise investment to create an environment conducive to active travel.
  • We will promote evidence-based decision making in support of active travel.
  • We will aim to grow our membership and encourage members to be engaged in our campaigns.

Infrastructure strategy

We will respond to consultations on infrastructure changes on a scheme-by-scheme basis, taking into consideration the views of our members. Our responses will fit within this general framework:

  • We will advocate for infrastructure that is direct, connected, convenient, and safe for use by an unaccompanied 8 year old.
  • Where appropriate, we will work together with disability groups and/or the local access panel in order to help deliver infrastructure that is sensitive to needs of all.
  • We will support segregated infrastructure for cycling above shared-use or shared space.
  • Where infrastructure or planned infrastructure falls short of these standards, we will make our concerns known to the relevant authority and aim to positively influence the outcome.
  • We recognise that even though we will be pushing for the best possible quality infrastructure for cycling, compromise is sometimes necessary, so long as it does not negatively impact the current cycling environment.
  • We will aim wherever possible to be involved in infrastructure planning at an early enough stage to keep our members informed and positively influence the outcomes.

Engagement strategy

  • We will work hard to engage positively with councillors, designers, consultants and cycling officers, as well as the police and procurator fiscal, while also endeavouring to hold them to account when necessary.
  • We will encourage our members to engage with councillors, designers, consultants and cycling officers where appropriate.
  • We will respect confidentiality and discretion where it is requested, and recognise that good working relationships depend on trust.
  • We will make it clear when we do not agree with suggestions or ideas from external partners or other members, but we will aim to do that constructively and respectfully. We will also be respectful that our members are volunteers from a wide ranging skillset, who are giving the time they know to be appropriate to them to do what they can for our campaigning. Good relationships require honesty and compromise will sometimes be required.
  • We will share the outcome of engagement with our members where possible.


Highland Cycling Campaign is affiliated to:

Transform Scotland

Highland Cycle Campaign is not affiliated to any political party and members support a range of political views. However, we do encourage members to get involved and ask their prospective and elected representatives about their plans for cycling and active travel.

We do not support the mandatory wearing of helmets.